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A Small Model of Al-Romansiah Company’s Spread and Expansion

Tuesday evening, 3/1/2017, Al-Romansiah restaurants opened its new branch (18) in Al-Riydah region in Al-Dar Al-Baydha district. It is a smaller branch than the previous ones since its design is characterized by small space.  It offers the same services offered by the main branches. It holds the name of “ Al-Romansiah Express”. The opening ceremony included the presence of Vice-Chairman of Board of directors Mr. Yahya Al-Mo'alim and executive chief Mr. Mohammed Al-Mo'alim and a number of employees of the company.  In his commentary statement, the manager of public relations of Al-Romansiah company Mr. Ali Al-Hammami in which he said:” The company keeps pace with the development plans experienced by the kingdom and development in all field and expands in a well-considered and planned manner.”  He also noted that the company endeavors to expand due to the market need for services and products with high quality and cleanness and the service committed by

Al-Romansiah company.  For such expansion gives a greater opportunity to create more jobs for the people of kingdom and support the national economy. This model of branches was established to access to the customers in the areas where large size branches are impossible to be established since it needs a larger space.” The opening ceremony witnessed large numbers of people and customers which reflects the interest of Al-Romansiah company’s customers. On the occasion of the opening ceremony, Al-Romansiah company offers special discounts and souvenirs for kids for three days.  



Friday, November 18, 2016

عودة إلى الأخبار والإعلام

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