Selection of Ingredients:

Al-Romansiah restaurants company focuses carefully and accurately on the selection of ingredients to provide the most delicious authentic cuisines for its customers. The selection process is gone through several phases which are as follows: a) bringing different sheep and he-goats with special specifications and the natural pastures in the Saudi Kingdom which are known as corrals of Al-Romansiah restaurants processed under the supervision of specialists in veterinary, b) preparing the raw ingredients such as oil, rice and beans, c) daily-slaughtered national chicken from the best resources locally and globally.

Preparation Process:

  1. Preparation of sheep to be slaughtered: It can be prepared in two phases. The lean and sick sheep are excluded and the customers can make sure of the sheep safety through several ways such as the existence of safety tag or stamp which includes a name and a slaughter house on the sheep and also the head is attached to the slaughtered sheep.

  2. Preparation of grains and plants:

Grains/beans are fetched after conducting microbiological testing to ensure that they are fully free of harmful microbes such as bacteria and salmonella and also testing water that is used in the production process.

  1. Sterilization and Examination: during the preparation process, all staff  are carefully examined and sterilized in a healthy manner. After cooking, chicken, rice and green plants are examined to ensure that they are safe and free of coliform,  mildew and salmonella.


Al-Romansiah restaurants caters a variety of authentic cuisines with wonderful taste and professional capacity.


Food is offered in a deluxe way inside Al-Romansiah restaurants or in luxurious cans to ensure food safety and offered to the guests in a proper manner while keeping it hot.

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