Quality & Commitment

-  Certifications ISO:

Al-Romansiah restaurants obtained two certifications from  a company TUV NORD for adopting the highest safety standards and food and administrative quality:

  Food Safety Management SystemCertification: 22000:2015 ISO: 

by defining the critical points in the production operations and developing mechanisms to determine risks and controls for the monitoring and measurement operations to maintain a quality of the final products.

Quality Management System ApplicationCertification: 9001:2018 ISO: 

by preparingan integrated quality system which consisted of all documents as a quality manual and work regulations and instructions for all operations of purchases and sales, maintenance, information technology, marketing, quality, public relations, human resources and financial management.

  • Commitment:

Al-Romansiah restaurants are committed to adopting the highest quality standards in the preparation and production operations through the following:

  apply the necessary food safety and health requirements.

ü  Select the raw ingredients that are compatible with the highest international standards, and testing them in accordance with the technical specifications to ensure they are free of microbes and bacteria.

 Review the integrated nutritional value of meals offered.

  Implement internal periodic auditing campaigns to ensure the application of food safety systems and safety of staff.

  Apply the food safety system ISO 22000:2018 by defining critical control points in the production operations and reduce risks by implementing monitoring and auditing processes.

  Apply modern management system 9001:2015 ISO, which aims to systematize administrative processes.

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